CCSN Books, Integratio Press

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Beginning 2016, CCSN will publish original books through its new imprint Integratio Press. Forthcoming books include the following:

  • Tom Carmody (Vanguard University): “Arise and Stand Forth”: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of American Clergy and Their Calls for Social Action in the Nineteenth Century Anti-dueling Movement, 1804 –1856.
  • Kathleen Edelmayer (Madonna University): Constructing Arguments in the Face of Challenges: An Analysis of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Women’s Concerns.
  • Wayne Lewis (Stuebenville University): The Framing and Values of World Magazine: A Weekly Newsmagazine with a Biblical Perspective.
  • Michael Longinow (Biola University): Mysterious and spontaneous power : shaping of an evangelical culture for revivalist higher education in Henry Clay Morrison’s Pentecostal Herald.
  • Kevin Miller (Huntington University): Religious Identity and Discourse of the Other: A Narrative Analysis of the Subordinate Role of the Jew in the Apocaplytic Texts of Two Christian Groups.
  • Bill Mullen (Shorter University): The Polemical Sermons of John Chrysostom Against the Judaizing Christians:  A Dramatistic Analysis Identifying the Representative Anecdote.
  • Paul Patton (Spring Arbor University): The Prophetic Passion and Imagination of David Mamet.
  • Barbara Spies (Cardinal Stritch University): Antoinette Brown Blackwell and the Prophetic Voice of the Purity Movement : The Jeremiad in Purity Work.

All books are submitted to a rigorous editorial process which includes peer-review. CCSN has an editorial board of respected teachers, scholars, and other professionals. An additional list of qualified peer-reviewers is used depending on the submission and publication type.

Submissions: We welcome submissions from anyone whose work meets our publication goals and CCSN’s mission. Submission should be directed to the Network administrator: [email protected]. Provide a brief description (200-250 words) of the book and how it intersects with Christianity and communication studies. Do not send a completed manuscript.