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CCSN Syllabus Bank, 2021

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The Syllabus Bank was posted recently for CCSN members! If you click on the syllabus links below and you are not logged in as a member, then the content will be restricted. To join the CCSN as a member you must first submit our brief membership application. Go to www.theccsn.com and click “Join the Network.” Membership is free and provides …

“Words don’t have meaning, people have meaning…?” (or, “This Last, Dim, Weird Battle of the West” or, “The End of Civilization, Maybe.” (Part 4)

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“This last, dim, weird battle of the West” or, The End of Civilization, Maybe. (Part 4) By Mark Williams, Ph.D Professor of Rhetoric, California State University, Sacramento (from the regular Column: “Meaningful-Faith: Words, the Word, and a Life of Substance”) After the breaking and entering of the US Capitol Building, the Senate chaplain, in the early morning hours after the …