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Note: the bibliography is not exhaustive but selective, including books and articles, mainly. Our apologies for missing so many good resources–including yours–that should be here. It is part of an annotated bibliography project we are working on. It covers 1990-2012 quite well and was designed to extend the work of Paul A. Soukup and his 1990 Annotated Bibliography of Christian Communication. It hasn’t been updated with resources for several years but we’ve kept it up since it still helps researchers and students in the field. We will be addressing this gap soon, moving toward  completion of the project. The print/e-book will remain selective but the online bibliography will strive toward being exhaustive. It will take time and support from readers like you, but it is our goal over the next 5 years to hit the “exhaustive” ranks . . . or at least offer our best effort. If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact Robert Woods: We need a team of 5 individuals to function in editorial roles. 

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