A Prayer for Presence of Mind, by John Hatch

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For Presence of Mind


O Divine Wisdom,

My mind is at sea,

Lost in waves

Of communication apprehension.


At the thought of broaching this topic,

Or starting this conversation,

Or giving this talk,

My mind goes blank—

Then spins into a moth-like fury

Around the flame of my fear,

Lantern swinging on a storm-tossed vessel.


The bowels of the boat

Slosh and churn;

I feel seasick.


Yet it is written,

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you,

All whose thoughts are fixed on you!”[*]

My thoughts certainly need fixing.


O Mind of Christ,

Please wake up! Take command!

Be present in my turmoil! Quiet the sea!


Give me presence of mind

And quietness of soul

To listen well

And speak in love.


You love me; how can I be insecure?

You stilled the waves; I too shall be still.

In quietness and confidence

Shall be my strength.[†]

By John Hatch


[*] Isaiah 26:3, New Living Translation.

[†] Isaiah 30:15

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