A Prayer for the Mystery of All Living Things, and our Communication, by Micahel Mayne

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The Mystery of All Living Things and Our Communication

Heavenly Father. . .

“We may want it clear and simple, but it’s not, and ultimately everything is mystery. I am a mystery, and so are you. Human life and birth and death are a mystery, as are suffering and human compassion and love. And so is every leaf and flower and fern and every garden slug. And the religious person in the broadest sense is the one who looks on the mystery of all living things, and the mystery that lies beyond and behind and within them—the mystery of God—-and is filled with awe.”

We recognize the mystery of communication: that we can send and receive messages clearly is a mystery; that our words and images can bring about community is a mystery; that we can commune with you in intimacy through our words and the power of the Holy Spirit is a mystery. We thank you for the mystery of communication and communion, at the Table and beyond.

Author: Michael Mayne

Source: Responding to the Light: Reflections on Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (Canterbury Press Norwich, 2017). Kindle version.

Keywords: mystery, mystery of God, simplicity, suffering, compassion, love

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