A Prayer for Truth and Honesty, by B.T. Roberts and Howard Snyder

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Truth is too high a price to pay for consistency. If you are deceived a dozen times a day, have the frankness and humility to confess it. It is a thousand times better to be true and honest, than to be consistent in error. So long as you are too proud to admit mistakes the Lord cannot lead you. — B. T. Roberts, “Mistaken,” The Earnest Christian, August 1862, p. 62.

Prayer (Howard Snyder)O Lord—God of truth, love, and determined purpose—I worship you now. Lord Jesus, please give me today confidence without arrogance, humility without self-abasement, courage without presumption, faith without fatalism, hope without sentimentality, and love without self-seeking, that I may follow you truly. Amen.Source: Prayer for Ordinary Days

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