A Prayer for Unity, the Divine Liturgy of St. Mark

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A Prayer for Unity

O Sovereign and Almighty Lord,
look down from heaven on your Church,
on all your people,
and on all your flock.
Save us all,
your unworthy servants,
the sheep of your fold.
Give us your peace,
your help,
and your love,
and send to us the gift of your Holy Spirit,
that with a pure heart and a good conscience
we may salute one another with an holy kiss,
without hypocrisy,
and with no hostile purpose,
but guileless and pure in one spirit,
in the bond of peace and love,
one body and one spirit,
in one faith,
even as we have been called in one hope of our calling,
that we may all meet in the divine and boundless love,
in Christ Jesus our Lord,
with whom you are blessed.

Source: The Divine Liturgy of St. Mark

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