A Prayer, Lord Bless Us with Your Goodness, Rest, Power, Wisdom, Patience, and Hope, by Kirchen-Agende, 1797

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The Lord Bless You with His Goodness, Rest, Power, Wisdom, Patience, Hope

May the Lord show you
the greatness of his goodness,
that you overflow with thanks
every day.

May the Lord bless you abundantly
with rest for the heart,
power for virtue,
wisdom for life,
and patience in suffering.

May the Lord bless you
with joyful hope,
and one day
with the inexpressible joys
of eternal life.

Source: Schleswig-Hosteinsche Kirchen-Agende, 1797, Segenswünsche,  p. 146#1, translated for A Collection of Prayers.

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