A Prayer to Avoid Self-Deception in our Communication, by Howard Snyder and B.T. Roberts

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The Holy Spirit, by removing prejudice, by rooting out the selfishness of the heart, makes reason more reliable. . . . One can be led by the Spirit, and at the same time exercise the strongest good sense, the soundest judgment. ‘The meek will he guide in judgment’ (Ps. 25:9).
—B. T. Roberts, “Led by the Spirit,” The Earnest Christian, March 1883, p. 70.


O Lord, even as I worship you and seek to serve you, I know I am vulnerable to self-deception. So I commit myself fully, body and spirit, conscious and unconscious mind, into your hands. Purify my thoughts and intentions and imaginations, and work in all my life today, I pray. Amen.

Source: Prayer for Ordinary Days

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