A Prayer to Avoid the Anxieties in Life. . .and Communication, by Jean Pierre de Caussade

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Heavenly Father, we offer this up as our prayer today, as a remembrance from the choir of saints in which we rejoice:
“To avoid the anxieties which may be caused by either regret for the past or fear of the future, here in a few words is the rule to follow: the past must be left to God’s measureless mercy, the future to God’s loving providence; and the present must be given wholly to his love through fidelity to his grace.”
–Spiritual advice written between 1733-1740 by Jean Pierre de Caussade (d.1751) to the nuns of Nancy, France. These letters weren’t complied and published until 1861 as Abandonment to Divine Providence
Source: Leonard Sweet, Preach the Story

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