A Prayer to be Unentangled by the Web, by George Lengerke

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Prayer For Media – Entangled In The Web 

Lord, Creator of the real world.
I bring before you all I find on the Internet:
the many words – both true and false,
the many people – near and far,
the many details – important and trivial,
the many images – of the best and worst in man.

Free me – where I’ve become entangled in the Web.
Heal me – where its images have wounded my soul.
Lead me back to the truth – where I’ve been led astray.

Help me to distinguish
the virtual from the real world,
to choose wisely the things that really matter,
to resist firmly all manipulation,
to use with measure what is set before me,
and bravely live my daily life with you.

Source: GEORG LENGERKE – YOUCAT Youth Prayer Book

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