A Prayer to remember Jesus’s life and communication on earth, by John Baillie

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A Prayer to Remember Jesus’s Life and Communication on Earth

Help me, Lord, to remember the blessed life that was once lived out on this common earth, under these ordinary skies.  May I take this memory into each task and duty of today.

Help me to remember –

His eagerness to help others, rather than be helped;

His sympathy with suffering of every kind;

His bravery in the face of His own suffering;

His gentleness toward others, so that when He was abused He did not retaliate;

His steadiness of purpose in keeping to His appointed task;

His simplicity;

His self-discipline;

His serenity of spirit;

His complete reliance upon you, his Father in heaven.


  • John Baillie (1886-1960)
    • Special thanks to Donna Elkins for finding this prayer

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