A prayer to “seize my soul in silence,” by Mark Williams

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Seize my soul in silence

O God, who alone causes yourself to be your self;
Almighty God, author of all being,
fount and cause of all good things;
O God, beyond our knowing;
Almighty God who knows yourself
and is love;
O God, who alone is justly worshipped;
Holy God, holy and mighty,
Holy Immortal One;
O God, who has spoken yourself to us in Christ;
Almighty God, infinite, omnipotent, and omniscient,
who has come to dwell among us,
fully God, fully man;
O God, glorious in majesty, majestic in glory;
Almighty God, + Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
sublime and veiled
before whom all words fail,
Still my tongue
and seize my soul in silence
That I may listen to your Word
and all my words be echoes, only,
O God, my God.

— Mark Williams, CCSN Guest Columnist, Professor of Rhetoric, California State University-Sacramento

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