Book Announcement, Organizational Moral Learning: A Communication Approach

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New Book Announcement

Organizational Moral Learning: A Communication Approach

By Ryan S. Bisel, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Published by Routledge:;
ISBN: 978-1138119567 (paperback); ISBN: 978-1138119543 (hardcover); ISBN: 978-1138119543 (e-book)

Extensive work in psychology and neuroscience reveals that individuals are born with moral intuitions, and this volume capitalizes on that recent insight to provide a new perspective of how to lead organizational ethics. Organizational Moral Learning presents communication-based recommendations for managers and leaders to encourage authentic moral dialogue at work so that these discussions can be used to update work practices vigilantly as organizations strive for ethical excellence. Organizational ethics are crucial to individual, organizational, national, and even global well-being, and this work leads a revolution in thinking about how to manage organizational ethics. Written accessibly for students and practitioners alike, this book provides a leading-edge look at organizational ethics based on science and research applicable to a worldwide audience.

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