Book Announcement, Talking Black and White: An Intercultural Exploration of Twenty-First-Century Racism, Prejudice, and Perception

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Book Announcement – Available Now

Written and Submitted by: Dr. Gina Castle Bell, Assistant Professor, Saint John’s University ( *contact for questions)

Foreward by: Dr. Mark C Hopson, Associate Professor and Director of African American Studies at George Mason University

Talking Black and White: An Intercultural Exploration of Twenty-First-Century Racism, Prejudice, and Perception.

Talking Black and White investigates domestic race-related social justice issues and intercultural communication between Black and White individuals. 60 Black and White folks shared their lived experiences about twenty-first-century racism, prejudice, police brutality, #BLM, misperception, and the role of the past in the present. These issues are deconstructed in an engaging, provocative, and accessible manner. Gina Castle Bell explores these dynamics through the lenses of intercultural communication, critical intercultural communication, critical theory, race and racism, interracial communication, Black communication, identity, identity negotiation, and communication theory. This is an ideal book for scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and working professionals who are interested in intercultural communication, race relations, and healthy communication across various areas of difference. This book could accompany multiple courses including: Qualitative Research Methods (or advanced), Communication Theory, Intercultural Communication, Race and Communication, Interracial Communication, Black Communication and Identity or African American Communication, Race, Gender, and Communication, Identity Negotiation, Racism and Health Outcomes, as well as other courses that examine difference.

How to Order Online:

Discount Code: LEX30AUTH17

Table of Contents

Foreword: “The More Things Change…”

Mark C. Hopson

Introduction: On Black and White Race Relations

Chapter 1—First Things First: Disclosing My Positionality

Chapter 2—Defining Key Terms: Discussing the Past

Chapter 3—Study Description: Methodology and Methods

Chapter 4—Guiding Theoretical Frameworks: Co-Cultural Theory & Cultural Contracts Theory

Chapter 5—Black Folks, Police Officers, & the Perception Problem

Chapter 6—On Prejudice, the Perils of this Generation, and Why Black Lives Matter

Chapter 7—On Stuff White Folks said they “Don’t Like about Black Folks”

Chapter 8—Moving Forward Together: On Why “I [Still] Have a Dream”


Book Endorsements

“Brilliantly-written and boldly honest, Talking Black and White is a refreshing empirical treatment of one of the most painfully intense social issues of our time. Gina Castle Bell skillfully manages to cut to the heart of the issue very early in the manuscript as she makes the provocative declaration, ‘We have not treated people of color like they are as valuable as White folks in this nation.’ Then, she clearly articulates and deconstructs the pulp of our collective possibilities. This book tells us what white privilege looks like by calling attention to #TrueStory examples, and Bell offers a path for moving forward. This book will be a must-read for many years to come!”
—Ronald L. Jackson II, University of Cincinnati

“In ways that many White scholars are unable and/or unwilling to do, Dr. Gina Castle Bell reflexively confronts what is at stake amid real-world Black and White racial dynamics—namely, survival for many and the humanity of us all. I am impressed by her intellectual endeavor in Talking Black and White, not because it is perfect but because she is a White woman setting a high standard for any White person who claims a socially just sensibility.”
—Rachel Alicia Griffin, University of Utah

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