Book Project, A Call for Prayers for Communication

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Integratio Press, CCSN’s imprint, is collecting a year’s worth of prayers on or about faithful communication for a short book.

These can be original prayers you have written, or prayers throughout church history that address some meaningful aspect of communication.

Also, the prayer can be a meaningful quote–anything from a sentence to a full paragraph or more–from a Church Father or Mother, Christian author, apologist, thinker, or theologian, that is offered up as a prayer.

Other prayers may be your own paraphrase or interpretation of a previously published prayer or quote. Please indicate the original source from which your paraphrase/interpretation was taken.

Previously published prayers should be approximately 300 words or less. Original prayers or paraphrases/interpretations can be 300-500 words.

You may submit as many prayers for consideration as you want.

You will be credited for the contribution in the collection if your prayer is accepted, and receive a free copy of the book when it is completed. For individuals with multiple prayers accepted in the collection, more than one copy of the book will be provided.

Please submit prayers to Robert Woods, CCSN Executive Director and Integratio Press managing editor (

Submission deadline: December 15.

Thank you for sharing.

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