Call for proposals: Case Studies of Service Learning and Faith Integration, a special edition of Journal of Christian Teaching Practice

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The Journal of Christian Teaching Practice is a recently formed peer-reviewed journal published by the Christianity and Communication Studies Network ( We invite brief proposals for case study write-ups highlighting innovative service learning projects in the field of communication that have successfully and effectively integrated the Christian faith with student learning.

Your brief, 300-word proposal at this initial stage should provide a summary of the service learning project (e.g., course, learning objectives, assessment, and outcomes), along with a description of specific faith integration strategies or approaches you used with students. Please submit your 300-word proposal (which does not include references) along with your vita by July 1, 2018 to (Kristen Sipper, Azusa Pacific University) and (Robert Woods, Spring Arbor University). Please note that proposals exceeding 300 words will be returned to authors.

Final case studies of no more than 2,000 words (not including notes) will contain the following:

  1. Brief philosophy/theology of faith integration and service learning.
  2. detailed project description including: course description, discussion of community partners, student demographic/community partner demographic, student learning objectives/community partner learning objectives.
  3. Discussion of how you integrated faith and learning into the project, and how you assessed such integration.
  4. A final reflection on your project: How did the project turn out? What would you change? How did your students respond? How did your community partners respond (if this information is available)
  5. Two-three pieces of practical advice for faculty interested in doing their own service projects.

Initial drafts of case studies are due August 21, 2018, and will be submitted to two peer-reviewers. Final case studies with revisions are due November 15, 2018. The special edition is scheduled to be published in January 2019.

Please address any questions to and

Thanks for your interest.

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