Habits of the High-Tech Heart

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Book Reviewed: Schultze, Quentin J. (2002). Habits of the High-Tech Heart (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Publishing Group).

Reviewed By: Sarah Esquivel

Reviewer Affiliation: Spring Arbor University

Total Pages: 209

ISBN-10: 0801027810

This book challenges the reader to form healthy habits in the age of information technology. Schultze calls the reader to discern the benefit of the information technology rather than mindlessly embracing it. He offers practices that encourage the reader to make responsible decisions that foster community rather than individualism and self-centeredness. Schultze offers wonderful insight on the importance of humility. Without humility Schultze argues that we foolishly put our hope in the power of technology to solve all our problems. The book supports a responsible balance of utilizing information technology when appropriate and restraining from its use when not appropriate.

Resource Link: http://quentinschultze.com/

Subject Area(s): Ethics, Mass Communication (radio; tv; film; pop culture; etc.), Theory

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