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Dear CCSN’ers, friends and colleagues. In case you missed it, you can listen to the first series in the “Soul Stirrings” podcast with Dr. Paul Patton on “Stewarding the Stirrings of the Soul.” Paul addresses how you can you can cultivate your “sacred interiority” in ways that promote spiritual formation and foster communication wisdom. Learn more about Dr. Patton here:

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Series No. 1: “Stewarding the Stirrings of the Soul”

Episode 1: (Series 1, Episode 1). In the first episode of the first series, Dr. Paul Patton explores what it means to “steward the stirrings of one’s soul,” and how it contributes to spiritual growth. How do you determine what is worth remembering, and then once you remember it, how do you move closer toward retrieving it on command?

Episode 2: (Series 1, Episode 2). In the second episode of the series “Stewarding the Stirrings of One’s Soul,” Dr. Paul Patton continues to explore what it means to “steward the stirrings of one’s soul,” and how it contributes to a growing sense of “sacred interiority.” When was the last time you were inspired? What does it mean to be inspired and why does living in a digital culture make it difficult to recall such moments of inspiration? Examples from Jesus and the Apostle Peter are considered.

Episode 3: (Series 1, Episode 3). In the third episode of the series “Stewarding the Stirrings of One’s Soul,” Paul reflects on what is meant to be an ultimate “soul stirring,” a dominant truth that serves as the hub of our cognitive wheel, what the ancient Jews called a “Shema.” He offers that our Shema prioritizes our truth assertions and is meant to be memorized, even recited aloud twice each day, consistent with the practice of the recited Shema in ancient Israel. What is your “Shema?” What truth assertion is so central that it is the hub of your cognitive wheel?

Episode 4: (Series 1, Episode 4). Paul continues with encouragement in identifying a central confession, a “shema.” In so doing, Paul suggests, we begin the intentional process of strengthening our sacred interiority. Patton gives examples of how to choose a central confession worth memorizing and re-stating daily. He concludes by sharing a central confession for the church, British philosopher and pastor, John Peck’s “I Have a Vision.”

Episode 5: In the final podcast in his series, “Stewarding the Stirrings of the Soul,” Paul offers more biblical examples and stories from church history surrounding the mind-building exercise of memorizing central confessions and soul-stirring inspirations.

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