CCSN Vlog, “Communicating More Effectively,” with Stephanie Bennett

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Summary: Augustine lived in the 3rd century and was faced with much division in the early church and lots of inner turmoil regarding the use of words and rhetoric in the Church. He wrote On Christine Doctrine to help untangle some of the misconceptions about what it means to share the Gospel with wisdom and eloquence. Today, we look at the ways we use words to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by taking a dip into this book.

The Secret Place is a boutique channel produced with and for love (not numbers), recorded with the intention to inspire and uplift. Here, we talk about all things concerning faith, communication and culture. Each message begins with a short introduction from a favorite book. The opening song is original, titled The Secret Place. You can find all the songs from that album here on YouTube. Just search “Toward the Lamb” by Stephanie Bennnett. For more resources on communication, faith, and culture, please visit our sponsor, the Christianity and Communication Studies Network at


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