CCSN Vlog, “The True Longing in Love,” by Stephanie Bennett

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Stephanie Bennett, PhD, is a Professor of Communication and Media Ecology at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Please enjoy and share her vlog, “Contemplation, Communication, and Culture in the Secret Place” (Psalm 91:1-2).

In this installment, Peter Kreeft spurs on our thinking as we consider why the thought of love occupies so much of our time. This book, Wisdom of the Heart: The Good, the True and the Beautiful at the Center of us all, is fantastic. A philosopher’s feast! What a strong connection to the art of communication, as well. If we love but don’t know how to express it our relationships fizzle out or just get stuck in neutral. I hope you’ll take a short look into this lovely book with me today.

The Secret Place (Psalm 91:1-2) is a boutique channel produced with love (not numbers) to inspire and uplift. Each message begins with a short introduction to a new favorite book. 

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