Co-Creating Spaces as a Faith Integration Strategy

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Presenter and Affiliation:  Douglas Kelley, Ph.D., Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University

Presentation Title:  “Co-Creating Spaces as a Faith Integration Strategy”

Date and Time: Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, 7-8 PM , EST

Cost: free and open to the public

Description: I have taught and written at community colleges, at private Christian liberal arts universities, and for the last two decades at a large public research university. A central issue for me during this journey has been how, as a Christian, should I integrate my faith with my scholarship in and out of the classroom? The real challenge, in my estimation, is to integrate faith into course content in a way that is significant and appropriate, and to humbly embody the gospel in one’s classroom presence. In this presentation I explore these challenges. I will share my own journey, imperfect as it is, that, interestingly enough, is also how I teach. I will explain how my relational approach developed, with an emphasis on the need to be true to one’s own self as a teacher. This precipitates discussion of how faith and worldview naturally lead to choices and construction of content that inevitably reflect central gospel themes. I will also re-vision the scholarship of teaching in terms of co-created spaces that provide new ways of seeing and approaching life.

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