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NEW: Chris Hamstra, Davenport University, Leadership Life Stories: Communicating and Leading through Your Story

NEW: Robert Stephen Reid, Dubuque University, Communicating Faith in the Cross-Walk of Life

NEW: Mark Allan Steiner, Christopher Newport University: Faithful Witness: Speaking and Living Truth in Public Life

NEW: Joseph Bird, Wm. Carey University: Fanning the Flame: Reigniting the Joy of Christian Communication for Pastor, Pew, and Public

COMING SOON: Greg Spencer, Professor Emeritus, Westmont College, The Second Most Important Question in the World: Expressing Love in a Loud and Contrary Culture

Jonathan Pettigrew and Diane Badzinski, Let’s Talk Family: Conversations about Faith and Family Flourishing

Stephanie Bennett, The Secret Place (Ps. 91:1-2)

Brandon Knight, In Search of Right Words: Saint Augustine, Rhetoric, and Preaching

Chase Mitchell, Image to Image: Musings on Faith, Media, and Story

John Hatch, Crossed My Mind: Thoughts on Culture and Communication

Mark Williams, Meaningful-Faith: Words, the Word, and a Life of Substance

Omotayo Banjo, Neither Jew, Nor Greek

Dennis Smith, Bearing Witness: Reflections on Life in Mission

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