Exploring the Use of a Theatrical Hermeneutic in Teaching and Performance

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Paul-Patton-webPresenter and Affiliation: Dr. Paul Patton, Ph.D., Spring Arbor University (ppatton@arbor.edu)

Presentation Title: “Exploring the Use of a Theatrical Hermeneutic in Teaching and Performance”

Date: 07/19/16     Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST

Description: Theatrical hermeneutics is a way of interpreting and understanding texts. As “hermeneutics” is the science of interpreting texts, the concept of “theatrical hermeneutics” suggests that there are insights about a text and its meaning that can be gleaned from watching a text “performed” as an act of theater. Theatrical hermeneutics is especially helpful when the ancient text is a speech or discourse, allowing the actor to present the material in the form received by its original audience.  For instance, in “The Seven Woes,” Jesus Christ’s righteous fury is usually easier to feel when presented as a living confrontation then as read silently. Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 is more easily understood as an impassioned eye-witness account when re-experienced as a public speaking event then when processed as a quiet read or a sermon series broken up into six pieces..

Link to Recorded Webinarhttps://vimeo.com/175473492

Additional Links: http://www.arbor.edu/faculty/paul-patton/

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