Good Friday in a Time of Pandemic, a Poem

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Good Friday in a Time of Pandemic


Dennis Smith

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Regional Liaison, South America

Former Director, World Association for Christian Communication


Good Friday in a Time of Pandemic

Today God dies.



– they say –

something else might happen

but today?

Today what is, is confusion, affliction, death.


That’s the way it’s always been.


Someday, says the Psalmist

all this will change.


For now, nothing changes.

Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

Not today.

Today our lot is to live with this pain.

Disconsolate, we weep for what surrounds us.

Today a chill shivers deep,


in the deepest corners of all that is.


Today God tastes mortality


If it were not so, hope would have no substance.

If it were not so, how could we dream of resurrection?

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