How the Imago Dei Enhances Teaching and Learning in Communication Classrooms

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Presenter and Affiliation: Dr. Elizabeth McLaughlin, Dept. Chair and Associate Professor of Communication, Bethel College

Date: Wednesday, September 27    Time: 7-8 pm EST

Cost: Free and open to the public

Description: While Christian professors practice many ways to integrate faith and learning in their teaching, it remains a challenge to find a central approach that meets student needs. This presentation explores how the foundational principle that human beings are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27) can ground both the concepts and resulting student praxis in multiple communication courses. How can professors and students understand and embrace their roles as image-bearers? How does this view affect how we communicate in all aspects of our lives? How can this understanding translate into course materials, syllabi , assignments, evaluation process? Together, we will discuss strategies and ideas for practical application to courses involving relationships, message creation and consumption, persuasion, speech and social media. Encouraging students to embrace their image-bearing gifts to share with the world is now more important than ever.

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