Integrating Faith and Learning in a Public Institution: God’s Light Shining Through Me in Relationships, Teaching, and Research

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Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D.

Presenter and Affiliation: Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D., Professor of Strategic Communication, Assistant Director, Nicholson School of Communication and Media; Chair, Department of Communication, University of Central Florida 

When? Tuesday, January 29, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, EST 

Cost: Free and open to the public 

Description: If I were asked what centers me as I live and work as a Christian in a public university, I would say that I try to let my light shine in ways that encourage others to see my actions as they ground me, guide me, and glorify God (Matthew 5:16). Since my graduate training, I have been a full-time professor at three public universities: North Dakota State University (NDSU), the University of Kentucky (UKY), and now the University of Central Florida (UCF). This webinar highlights some of the ways I believe my light shines for others to see God’s love at work (a) in my interpersonal encounters, (b) when teaching both inside and outside classroom walls, and (c) as I conduct and publish my research. 

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