Interfaith Dialogue in Practice: Christian, Muslim, Jew

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The first book-length treatment of interfaith dialogue to rise from the ranks of communication studies scholarship, this book is published by Rockhurst University Press and marketed by Fordham University Press. Authors included in this edited collect are a who’s who in the study of communication and religion.

Forward by Kathleen M. Edelmayer
Part 1         Fundamentals
1    Communication Theory Meets Interfaith Dialogue
Daniel S. Brown, Jr.
2 Managing the Anxiety and Uncertainty of Religious Otherness:  Interfaith Dialogue as a Problem
of Intercultural Communication                                             
Mark Ward, Sr.
3    Humanizing and Dehumanizing Responses Across Four Orientations to Religious Otherness:
Two Case Studies of Interfaith Encounters
Charles Soukup and James Keaten
4 Rhetorology and Interfaith Dialogue
Adrienne E. Hacker Daniels
Part 2         Applications
5    A Narrative Approach to Interfaith Dialogue
Kenneth Danielson
6 St. Francis and the Sultan: Adaptive Structuration Theory
Barbara S. Spies, OFS
 7 Hope Analysis: Pathways, Agency, and Interfaith Dialogue
Daniel S. Brown, Jr.
8    Interfaith Encounters as Lived Parable
Elizabeth W. McLaughlin
 9    Not in my Sandbox: Organizational Culture, Identity, and Interfaith Collaboration
Maria Dixon and Greg G. Armfield
 10   Memory and Interreligious Dialogue in the Context of Globalization: Memoryscapes’ Contributions Towards Improving Religious Public Discourse
Diana Bowen
and Paul Fortunato
11  Speech and Silence as Rhetorical Space: Lessons from an Inter-Racial Church
Rose M. Metts
Part 3         Challenges    
 12 Hindu Interfaith Discourse: Spiral of Silence as a Theological Inevitability
Ramesh N. Rao and Padma Kuppa
 13  The “God Problem” In Interfaith Dialogue: Situating Divine Speech in the Seven Traditions of Communication Theory
Mark Ward, Sr.

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