Four recent podcasts on kindness and communication, from Soul Stirrings, with Paul Patton

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Enjoy these four recent podcasts on kindness and communication by Dr. Paul Patton, host of the podcast Soul Stirrings.

Soul Stirrings is Dr. Paul Patton’s 5-7 minute attempt to provide clarifying, maybe even inspiring. nuggets of insight about faith, communication, and culture along the journey of our existence. Paul is Professor Emeritus of Communication and Media at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, a former pastor, theater practitioner, author, and playwright. This podcast, certainly assuming Judeo-Christian presuppositions, draws steadily from the biblical witness. The concept of “soul stirring” is readily tied to Jewish rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s insight that moments of inspiration come and go, yet “having been inspired never passes” (Heschel, Man Is Not Alone, Harper and Row, 1966, p. 78). In other words, if one can retrieve the inspiring insight from literature, from performance art, or even the memorable quip of a friend as circumstances invite clarity and depth, one has an oasis of the mind whenever it is needed. A “soul stirring” is a truth, an insight, an observation that stirs the soul to reconsider its assumptions and reflect on its current course. The topics covered include the “Fruits of the Spirit,” as laid out in Saint Paul’s letter to the Galatians, nine virtues cultivated over a lifetime in the garden of one’s life. Another over-arching theme is the wise engagement with the title-wave of pop culture, technology, and media entertainment offerings that can inadvertently move us away from a healthy balance of work and rest. As the podcast’s introduction asserts, “where all things regarding faith, communication, and culture are considered.

Fruit of the Spirit Series, Kindness

Ep. 20: Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness, Pt. 1

In this podcast, Paul talks about the fifth “Fruit of the Spirit,” “kindness.” As a virtue with eternal significance, he reminds us that any act of unkindness or any unkind word is a momentary forgetting of the kindness of God.

Ep. 21: Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness, Pt. 2
This is my second podcast on the fifth “Fruit of the Spirit,” Kindness. In my first podcast on kindness, I considered how every unkind act or unkind word is a momentary forgetting of the kindness of God. In this podcast, I want to emphasize that the Apostle Paul preached, essentially, that kindness was the first characteristic of God that he wanted his missionary audiences to discover.

Ep. 22: Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness, Pt. 3
In this podcast, Paul continues to explore kindness as a fruit of the Spirit in the garden called our life. Specifically, he ponders the inherent power of kindness to inspire, elevate, and renew redemptive vision. Typically, stories about kindness spur us to more than we’ve been and more than we are—even as we’re experiencing anxiety in these uncertain times.

Ep. 23: Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness, Pt. 4
In this podcast, Paul talks about the natural mental springboards to acts and words of kindness—compassion and empathy. The podcast references some implications from Jesus’ story of the “Good Samaritan” and takes a brief look at one of the late 20th century’s most inspiring moments of interpersonal reconciliation.

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