Madame Guyon: Attentive Silence as a Counterpractice for a Digital Age

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Presenter and Affiliation: Stephanie Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Media Ecology, Palm Beach Atlantic University

When? Wednesday, April 29, 7-8 pm EST

What? Christian mystic Jeanne Guyon’s devotional posture centered on what some call the inward way, or the “prayer of silence,” a means of communicating with God in humility, inward simplicity, and contemplation. Her situation was couched in a context that was quite different from ours, exacerbated by ruling authorities that were skeptical of any ideas that did not strictly conform to traditional thought. Guyon was able to break the bonds of her captivity through perseverance in the spiritual practice of attentive silence. Christians and others in the digital age can enjoy similar freedom from the temptations, injustices, and distractions that may hold them captive when use of mobile media is tempered by attentive silence and the goods discovered in a place of solitude. The attentive silence of Guyon helped her develop a holy listening that is much needed in our busy world of words.

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