New Book, Seeking Communion as Healing Dialogue, by Margaret Mullan

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Seeking Communion as Healing Dialogue: Gabriel Marcel’s Philosophy for Today

by Margaret Mullan
East Stroudsburg State University

[May be available from other sellers at lower prices]

[From Amazon: “Seeking Communion as Healing Dialogue: Gabriel Marcel’s Philosophy for Today discusses society’s problems with interpersonal communication, arguing that these issues are more deeply rooted in problems in being. Margaret M. Mullan draws on the work of Gabriel Marcel to explore the meaning of body, of being with, and of being at all in today’s world, answering questions about why we are often unable to dialogue with the people around us, why we feel disconnected and alone even in an increasingly technological world, and how these changing technologies expose and sometimes exacerbate our weak connections to others. Engaging Marcel’s reflective method and theory of communion, Mullan explores how we seek communion amid technology and proposes that Marcel’s reflections are generative contributions to the understanding and study of communication, offering a way to seek healing dialogue in present day. Scholars of communication, philosophy, conflict studies, and media studies will find this book particularly useful.”

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