New Vlog Entry, Run and Not Be Weary, with Stephanie Bennett

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Run and be not weary–in the Secret Place

No matter how strong our faith or communication skills, we are human and we get weary. Where do we go? How do we deal with life when we’re bone tired? Perhaps Isaiah has a clue. What we believe and know is true is communicated through our words and actions to others, but first it is communicated intra-personally. Let’s remember to speak words of life and truth to ourselves and watch the weariness of our soul fade like the morning dew. The tone of our inner dialogue makes a big difference in our ability to persevere through the rough and tumble times of soul weariness. Yes, I’m telling you to go easy on yourself. Please. Be encouraged with Isaiah 40: 28-33.

The Secret Place is a boutique channel produced with love (not numbers) to inspire and uplift. Each message begins with a short introduction to a new favorite book. This song is In The Secret Place by Stephanie Bennett on the album Toward the Lamb. For more resources on communication, faith, and culture, please visit our sponsor, the Christianity and Communication Studies Network at

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