New Vlog, “Tangling with the Media Culture,” by Stephanie Bennett

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Description: Our media choices shape us.  The shaping involves more than the discrete messages that come through TV, Podcasts, and Social Media, but include the media platforms and channels we use to connect with others.  You’ve heard, “the medium is the message.” How does the particular medium we use to connect with others affect our spiritual formation, our relationships, and our sense of well-being? Today we’re talking about the way intrapersonal communication and interpersonal communication are connected and looking at the way we all can so easily get tangled up in a culture that favors screen over presence.

The “Secret Place” is a boutique channel produced with love (not numbers) to inspire and uplift. Each message begins with a short introduction to a new favorite book. This song is In The Secret Place by Stephanie Bennett on the album Toward the Lamb. For more resources on communication, faith, and culture, please visit our sponsor, the Christianity and Communication Studies Network at

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