Newly Proposed BEA Media and Religion Interest Division Needs Signatures of Support

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The newly proposed Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Religion and Media Interest Division is in need of potential members! Please place your name on a simple online survey and help show the BEA Board of Directors that there is great interest in the creation of a division that focuses on religious issues. We are in need of about 100 more “signatures”.

It would also be wonderful if you could forward this note with the survey link and encourage other colleagues and students to sign. This is a very crucial part of making this new Religion and Media Interest Division a reality.

We have until September 14, 2016 to recruit as many names as possible before we forward the information to ensure our proposal is heard by the BEA Board of Directors.

The link below will record responses. The mission statement is included below and in the link for everyone’s reference.

On behalf of the steering committee, I am grateful for your contribution and help!

Heather Stilwell

Steering Committee Chair

BEA Proposed Religion and Media Interest Division


Religion and Media Interest Group’s Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Religion and Media interest division is to advance understandings of the intersection of religion and media and explore the roles that diverse religions and faith play in media and culture. These purposes will be achieved through 1) promotion of high quality scholarship about faith and electronic media; 2) providing a forum for the discussion of critical issues involving religion, faith and media, and 3) promotion of creative work that investigates the confluence of religion and media.

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