“What Is Higher about this Education?” November Guest Blogger, Dr. Joel Ward (Geneva College)

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Greetings, colleagues and friends.

Please view the Christianity and Communication Studies’ (www.theccsn.com) November guest blogger, Dr. Joel Ward (Geneva College), and his reflections on “What Is Higher about this Education?”

Link: https://www.theccsn.com/what-is-higher-about-this-education-by-joel-ward/

Description (from the blog): “Public arguments have largely involved the traditional value of these colleges and the historical significance of a distinctly Christian form of collegiate education. Does a distinctly Christian higher education still exist? Or is Christianity simply part of the Western heritage, the legacy of our educational system fashioned after the medieval quadrivium, which assumed Christian theology as a basis for advancing knowledge?”

Previous guest blogs are located here: https://www.theccsn.com/category/blog/

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