Quote of the week, The Importance of Scholarly Communities, by Richard Mouw

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Former Fuller Theological Seminary President Richard J. Mouw, in discussing the “life of the mind,” suggests we need academic spaces that allow us to play with ideas, to mentor, and to be mentored in ways that leverage resources and build partnerships. Speaking to Christian scholars, Mouw suggests:

“We cannot avoid the ‘weight of the cross’ as we attempt to fulfill our callings . . . This is why we need Christian scholarly networks, communities where the spiritual gifts are nurtured, so that we can assist each other as we seek to discern the promptings of the Spirit for our individual and collective scholarly pursuits.”

(Richard J. Mouw, Called to the Life of the Mind: Advice for Evangelical Scholars, Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2014), p. 67.

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