Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform our Faith

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Presenter and Affiliation: Dr. Greg Spencer, Professor of Communication Westmont College

Presentation Title: Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform our Faith

Date and Time:  Tuesday, Sept. 11, 7-8 pm EST

Cost: Free and Open to the Public

Description: This webinar revolves around Dr. Spencer’s recently released book, “Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform our Faith.” The driving question of this book is, “When we frame our lives, what’s in the picture?” Too often, we think that “the world just is the way it is and I talk about it the way it is.” But our words shape our experience and can reshape our experience. Through many personal stories and interviews—about alcoholism, family betrayal, remarriage, faith journeys, etc.—issues of reframing are reviewed through four soul essentials: remembering the past with gratitude, anticipating the future with hope, dwelling within in peace, and engaging with others in love.

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