Research Participants needed, People of Faith in Public Higher Education

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From Sam Taylor, Doctoral Student Ohio University

Hi everyone! I am recruiting participants for a research study on how people who identify as an academic and as a person of faith manage these two identities in the context of a higher education institution. If you identify as an academic, as a person of faith, and have an affiliation to a higher education institution you are eligible to participate in my study! I will be conducting virtual interviews on Zoom or Microsoft Teams in the coming months. The interview will last anywhere from 45-90 minutes. The interview will be recorded and transcribed for analysis, with all personal information removed, and pseudonyms inserted to ensure confidentiality.

This study has been approved by the Ohio University Institutional Review Board, IRB #21-E-287. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research participant, please contact Research Compliance, Ohio University, (740)593-0664. If you want more information about this study or are interested in participating, please contact me at
Thank you in advance for participating!

Sam Taylor – 2nd year doctoral student, School of Communication Studies, Ohio University.

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