“Resisting the Tyranny of Immediacy: Cultivating Patience in Digital Spaces,” by Chase Mitchell

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Enjoy this recent post by Chase Mitchell, in the Christian Scholar’s Review blog.

“In Western culture, and especially in America, patience is rarely considered a virtue. Increasingly, we celebrate impetuosity. The punchline of a recent New Balance commercial, for example, is “impatience is a virtue.” This tactic is ostensibly deployed for marketing purposes—mere hyperbole meant to highlight that company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives (i.e., when it comes to doing good in our community, we don’t dally). It seems innocent enough. But the ad’s sentiment belies a real and broader cultural movement. We have become tyrannized by immediacy. The one thing we all seem to agree on in this hyper-polarized climate is that we need to get things done, and right now! No matter what, just hurry.” Read more.

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