Spiritual Capital in Organizations, new podcast, Craig Mattson

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Craig Mattson, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication Arts; Department Chair; Co-Director of the Honors Program
Trinity Christian University

Talking about organizational spirituality may sound to you like a conversation about self-care. And it is, partially. But this podcast invitation to Spiritual Capital centers not only about accumulating spiritual resources for the self, but also about how to hold all our organizational resources, intangible and tangible alike. Some of those resources, of course, may be the intangibles that we often associate with spirituality: mindfulness, wisdom, fellowship, inspiration, hospitality, and generosity. But spiritual capital also has to do with how we hold our economic resources and social goods. In language friendly to communication studies, the how of spiritual capital matters as much as the what. As you zip around this podcast’s website, you’ll probably spot my disciplinary location as a communication scholar: my research has come to center on how aspirational and entrepreneurial discourses function in organizations across many sectors today. But I hope that whatever your own passions and commitments, you’ll feel warmly encouraged to join this conversation about how to hold what our organizations have been given and are giving.

Website: www.spiritualcap.org


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