“Teaching Media Criticism to Digital Natives”

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Paul-Patton-webPresenter: Dr. Paul Patton

Presenter Affiliation: Spring Arbor University

Presentation Title: Teaching Media Criticism to Digital Natives: Challenges and Faith-filled Opportunities

Date: 02/24/2015

Time: 08:00 pm

Time Zone: Eastern (US)

Join Dr. Patton as he shares effective strategies for teaching media criticism to students who are saturated by a techno-urban, image-dominated, word-resistant, “amused-to-death” pop culture landscape. Paul employs the metaphor of pop culture as an unrelenting “dance partner” and posits the question of moral and spiritual significance: Who’s leading whom in the dance? Co-author of Prophetically Incorrect (Brazos Press, 2010), Patton offers practical advice for helping students cultivate a healthy balance with this dance “partner.” This live presentation may be viewed by an individual or group of any size in a single feed.

Link to Webinar: https://vimeo.com/120544254

Additional URL Link: http://www.arbor.edu/faculty/paul-patton/

Subject Area(s): Critical & Cultural Studies, Ethics, Mass Communication (radio; tv; film; pop culture; etc.), Theory

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