Teaching the Dark Side of Communication

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318-212-jeremy-osborn-webPresenter and Affiliation: Dr. Jeremy Osborn, Ph.D., Cornerstone University (jeremy.osborn@cornerstone.edu)

Presentation Title: “Teaching the Dark Side of Communication”

Date: 06/23/16     Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST

Description: Communication possesses both the power to help, strengthen, and build up, and the power to harm, weaken, and tear down.  While the positive aspects of interpersonal communication often receive more attention in both research and the classroom, the aversive, “dark side” aspects of communication are equally important.  How do we teach topics such as gossip, revenge, jealousy, and sexual coercion in class, though?  In this webinar, Jeremy Osborn, Associate Professor of Communication at Cornerstone University, draws on his six years of experience teaching The Dark Side of Communication to offer reflections and suggestions for addressing the dark side in class.  The presentation addresses general aspects of teaching the dark side, but will focus specifically on integrating a Christian worldview and examining dark side behaviors through the lens of sin and redemption.

Link to Recorded Webinarhttps://vimeo.com/172051759

Additional Links: https://www.cornerstone.edu/staff/jeremy-osborn

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