THEOCOM2016: In the World Yet Not of The World: Ecclesiology in a Digital Age

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The annual THEOCOM 2016 conference will be held at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, Cal., July 31 – Aug. 2.

THEOCOM 2016 considers the church as this year’s theme. Exploring ecclesiology vis-a-vis the reality of digital culture, THEOCOM 2016 seeks to examine both the nature and identity of the church, as well as the church’s activity in digital culture and through digital communication. Possible topics related to this theme may include:

1) Topics around the nature of the church in the contemporary context: The nature of the church in a digital age; understandings of communion, participation or sensus fidelium; the mystical Body of Christ reconsidered for a digital context; corporal spirituality and practices online; practices of initiation, inclusion, and corporate identity.

2) Topics around the church’s mission – How does the church embody or enact its evangelizing mission in a digital culture; evangelization, prophetic witness and violent online communication; how can ecclesial communication online be infused by mercy; how does evangelization transform/transfigure digital culture, and how is digital culture shaping and transforming the church; living and expressing ecclesial identity in digital contexts; practices of gathering, teaching, serving and celebrating online.

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