Recorded webinar, A Media Ecology of Theology, with Paul A. Soukup

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Presenter/Affiliation: Paul A. Soukup, S.J., PhD
Professor of Communication, Dept. of Communication, Santa Clara University

Date/Time: Wed., January 18, 7-8 pm EST

Description: As an introductory work, A Media Ecology of Theology addresses communication scholars and students, theological scholars and students (primarily those interested in the history of theology or in practical theology), and those with an interest in various media (art, architecture, etc.). With an interdisciplinary focus and a willingness to argue for a wider theological ecosystem―one in which the medium influences both content and selection of ideas―Soukup creates new vistas for understanding the life of faith, and how societies and communities express their most cherished ideas. Join Dr. Soukup as he shares ideas from this recently released book by Baylor University Press (2022).

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