Recorded webinar, Digital Communication, Metaverse, and Sharing the Gospel, with Garrett Gerhart

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Title: Digital Communication, Metaverse, and Sharing the Gospel

Presenter/Affiliation: Garrett Gerhart, CCSN Practitioner-in-Residence; Creative director and content developer at Life Bible Fellowship Church in California

Date/Time: Friday, February 18, 2-3 pm EST

Description: There is no doubt that web 2.0 has changed how the world communicates, including how we share the Gospel. What does the future hold? How will web 3.0 continue to evolve how evangelism is done and how the Great Commission is accomplished. Garrett Gerhart, our Practitioner in Residence, interviews Josh Carman, Outreach Pastor at The Crossing Church, about the roles of Digital Communication and the Metaverse in sharing the Gospel.

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