Recorded webinar, “Shift: Catalyzing Creative Change in Innovative Christian Ministry,” by David Wahlstedt

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Presenter: David Wahlstedt, Lead Pastor, The Table (Lewisville, TX); CCSN Innovator-in-Residence

Date/time: Monday, April 25, 2022,  7-8 pm EST

Description: We’re living in a time of profound cultural, political, and religious change. The predictable patterns and practices of the past are being jettisoned at a velocity and magnitude unparalleled in our lifetime. Navigating these rapidly changing cultural currents requires course knowledge, understanding, creativity, and most importantly, innovative thinking. Shift: Catalyzing Creative Change in Innovative Christian Ministry is a practical guide for pastors and ministry leaders designed to provide the theological chart-making and navigational practices necessary to pilot their ministry well into the 21st century. David shares the communication lessons and insights outlined in this book, and applies them to communication in ministry in local and global contexts.

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Learn more about David: David Wahlstedt is our Innovator-in-Residence here at CCSN. He is an ordained Teaching Elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the Lead Pastor of an innovative faith community called The Table in the North Dallas suburb of Lewisville, TX ( He is also the Founding Director of Uganda Shoe Trees, a registered 501(c)(3) charity and international NGO working to empower entrepreneurial educators in rural Uganda (

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