Recorded Webinar, “Silence, Civility, and Sanity: Hope for Humanity in a Digital Age,” by Stephanie Bennett

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Title: Silence, Civility, and Sanity: Hope for Humanity in a Digital Age

Presenter/Affiliation: Stephanie Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Media Ecology, and Director of Wordship, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Date/Time: Wed., May 11, 7-8 pm EST

Description: Silence, Civility, and Sanity addresses the reclamation of civil communication and healthy public conversation at a time when people are painfully divided. Bennett focuses on the importance of silence to temper speech and embrace the art of listening to foster a more positive dialogue and civil society. Silence is a communicational good, but to apply it as such, it is necessary to understand its relation to speech. Through her approach the author offers readers an alternative to the false binaries of culture-warring that plague our relationships, institutions, and public sphere.

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