Struggling Well in Academia, with Ty and Elizabeth Spradley

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Presenters and Affiliation: Ty Spradley, Ph.D. (Associate Professor), and Elizabeth Spradley, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor), Department of Language, Cultures and Communication, Stephen F. Austin State University

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 5-6 pm EST

Description: Weaving the personal with instructional communication research, Drs. Ty and Elizabeth Spradley expound upon the professional, personal, and spiritual inspirations that have enabled them to struggle well in academia.  Despite organizational changes, commuting for their doctorates, family size, and chronic health struggles, faith-teaching integration has enabled mutually rewarding relationships, especially mentoring relationships.  Specific coping strategies include their overall approach to compassionate relationships with one another, colleagues, and students as well as integrating personally and professionally fulfilling research topics for collaboration.

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