Recorded Webinar, Tim Muehlhoff, “Communicating God’s Grace to Weary Students and Faculty”

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Title: Communicating God’s Grace to Weary Students and Faculty

Presenter/Affiliation: Tim Muehlhoff, PhD, Professor of Communication, Biola University

Date/Time: Friday, March 25, 7-8 pm EST

Description: The Scriptures call us to be prepared to give an explanation for our Christian hope and worldview (1 Pet. 3:15).  In today’s unsettled world, there is much to explain: Where is God during a pandemic?  Why doesn’t he show himself in more direct or obvious ways?  Pop icon Woody Allen once quipped that if God exists, he’s an underachiever.  As Christian communicators how do we respond?  In light of his recent book (Eyes to See: Recognizing God’s Common Grace in an Unsettled World, IVP), Tim considers how reclaiming the doctrine of common grace can help us understand how God is acting in today’s troubled world via medical discoveries, the arts, conceptions of virtuous communication, and so on. We’ll also consider how to create lasting illustrations of common grace gleaned from pop culture and history and how they can counteract what psychologists identify as the “forgetting curve.” The result will hopefully be conversations with faculty, students, and community members filled with illustrations that will last long after the conversation is over.

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