Vlog entry, Adjusting Our Inner Dialogue, by Stephanie Bennett

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(Adjusting our Inner Dialogue in) The Secret Place

What does it mean to be “transformed by the renewal of the mind?” In this short word based on Romans 12: 1-4 we think about the way GOD works in our lives, and it’s not usually the way the world and its systems effectuate change. Some of the transformation comes from the practice of healthy inner dialogue. Intrapersonal communication makes a big difference for we can speak the things that are true and noble and pure and right to ourselves or we can speak the condemning words that kill and destroy us. We need to stop the self-deprecation and remember that He IS the transforming power. God is the one who changes us. Getting to know Him and communing with Him in ever-increasing faithfulness is how this happens.

The Secret Place is a boutique channel produced with love (not numbers) to inspire and uplift. Each message begins with a short introduction to a new favorite book. This song is In The Secret Place by Stephanie Bennett on the album Toward the Lamb. For more resources on communication, faith, and culture, please visit our sponsor, the Christianity and Communication Studies Network at www.theCCSN.com.

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